About Schlesinger Communications

With over 20 years in journalism including a decade running an opinion section for a major national publication, I know how to craft a compelling argument and what pitfalls will doom you. I have written and edited thousands of opinion pieces; I’ve rejected many times that number. My career as a reporter, editor and opinionator has made me a quick study ready to swiftly write forceful copy.

I can help you with:

  • Op-eds and letters to the editor
  • Shorter-form content for thought-leadership on a variety of platforms
  • Longer essays, white papers and reports
  • Speeches
  • Books
  • Editorial consulting services, including line- and copy-editing
  • Strategic editorial consulting, including op-ed placement
  • Training your team on how to write persuasive op-eds

The information age has put a premium on effectively using the written word, whether it’s for readers, viewers or listeners. But a profusion of opportunities has created a surfeit of background noise. You need support and insight to cut through it.

You’ve got the story; let me help you find the words to tell it.

Reach me at rob@schlesingercomms.com and follow me on Twitter at @rschles.

See my full LinkedIn profile here.

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